Basics of Video poker

Video poker is a kind of electronic machine game. The same as Slots it is played on computerized console. It is based on rules of usual poker and is easier then table game. With the appearance of slots, demand on this type of game has significantly risen. Video poker can be played not only in real casino but also through the internet.

Types of video poker

  • Double Bonus Poker
  • Joker Wild,
  • Jacks or Better,
  • Bonus Poker,
  • Deuces Wilds,
  • All American.

Each game has its own system of payouts. Jacks or Better is the famous one. It is also called Draw poker. Payoffs start at a pair of jacks, the main aim of this game is to receive the highest ranked poker hand.

Joker Wild is another type of video poker which is played with 52 card deck including one joker that can be substituted for any other card. The sense of all types of video poker games is practically the same, however, different players prefer games that have almost 100% payback.

Gambling process

Each video poker machine has "Draw/Deal" and "Hold/Cancel" buttons.

  1. "Draw/Deal" is pressed after coins are inserted. Machine shows five cards. If player likes all of them he should press
  2. "Hold/Cancel" button under cards, and if person would like to change some of cards he should press the same button. After machine changed undesirable cards, by drawing new ones instead of cancelled, player can determine whether combination of cards is winning.

It is important to know how machine operates and values of possible hands. Taking for example Jacks or Better, there are 9 winning combinations, some of them are strongest (Royal Flush) some weakest (Pair). Unfortunately, as practice shows, all hands are losing, machines wins about 60 percent of time.