Slot gaming machines

The history of slot machines began in 1800's in San Francisco. These machines have five reels with card faces on each. They didn't pay out money, but some prizes. Later in 1899 Charles Fay originated slot machine that was called "Liberty Bell", the main symbol of which among others was bell. This machine has already three reels, payout table and a lever from the right side. Today there is no such casino that doesn't have modern slot machine.

Description of Slot machines

Slots are also called as one-armed bandits, because of the handle. Modern slots have currency detector, which distinguish coins inserted. With the development of modern technology slots are based on different concepts, on famous games, for example. In spite of lever, some of them are equipped with the button. New versions of slot machines have a touchscreen.

Slots work with the help of Random Number Generator, which generates spontaneous numbers. The result of game depends on time, when player will press the button or pulls a lever. I our times, slot machines are available in online version too. For some players it is even better to play online because online casinos grant slots bonuses.

Goal of the game

Slots can be divided into several well-known types: usual slots and video poker. Both of them are worked when coin or ticket with bar-code is inserted. Main aim of slot game is to win from the machine. As it is a game of chance, player should hope only on luck and wait until some winning combination appears. This game has no strategy. Video poker is based on card game "Poker". Player hopes to obtain winning combination of cards.

Slots bonuses

Each internet casino offer bonuses which can be of two types cashable and non-cashable. Non-cashable bonuses are some extra games or bonuses for registration so called sign-up bonus. Therefore, it is advantageous for each player to choose online casino with sign-up bonus.