Basics about casino

Casino is very popular type of entertainment, which was originated in Italy in 1638 year, later in America it was known as salon. With the development of Internet, casino became more famous in online version. There is almost no difference between games in online casino and in land-based. Choice on where to gamble depends on player's ability, mood and pursued objects. If, for example, beginner would like to gain some knowledge and skills it is better to start from free online casino.

Casino guide

There are many types of casino games. They can be divided into three categories: table games, random numbers and electronic machines.

  • Category "table games" consists of card games (Blackjack, Poker), Dice (craps) and Roulette. Bingo and Keno belong to "random numbers" category.
  • Gaming machines are: Slot machines, Video poker, Video lottery, Pachinko. Some of these games are played exclusively with the help of using skills and strategies, some vice versa, only with the help of luck.

Each casino has its system of encouragement. In online casino there is bonus system in land-based some free items known as comps (free food, drinks, limo services and so on). Bonus system depends on game and the amount of bet. It can be expressed either in cashable form or in no-cashable as a possibility to play extra games. One of the most famous bonuses is called sign-up bonus which is given at registration.

Online casino types

There are two types of online casino: web-based and download only. Web-based casino is played through the internet site without downloading special program. Download types, however, require special software to be installed. Main advantage of virtual casino is that it gives possibility to play for free, saves time and provides with bonuses. Main disadvantage may be in fraudulent behavior. Some online casinos refuse to pay withdrawals hoping that player will lose money while playing games.