Security / Privacy

Privacy Policy Covers

  • Privacy policy is all about the personal details captured in the website about our past and present will be secured in a safe manner and the personal information is nothing but details that reveal about us.
  • Such privacy policy is covered only when you use their services & products in their websites.
  • A company which is not owned by this website will not be covered under this privacy policy.

Information Collection


  • The personal details of yours will be gathered by this website when you try registering with them or with any of their partners.
  • At time of registration the personal details that needs to be punched are your name, DOB etc., once you enter, then you can access anytime and you will be covered under this privacy policy.
  • They also collect other additional information like your transactions and other stuffs that is critical.
  • Once you finish updating your details, your details will be registered in this website and also they can take your IP address of your system automatically.
  • Such information's are gathered in order to give their clients best support and also to get customer feedback on regular basis.


  • Only major can be associated with us.

Sharing and Disclosure

  • We do not sell or share your personal details with others until and unless it is necessary, few situations we provide your information's at below mentioned situation:
    • Share your details with few companies with whom we have agreement and also those companies do not hold any rights to share your details with others.
    • Share details as per court orders or any legal requirement.
    • We share your details to court or any legal institutions in order to safeguard our clients.
    • When we are merged with some other company then we share your details with them.
    • We also provide your details for few advertisements who have requested on any one of your personal details like age criteria etc.
    • While interacting with any of the ad, we do not share your details. They assume that you come under one of the category.


  • They might access and set cookies in your computer.
  • We allow some other companies advertisements displayed on our pages. But the privacy policy such company is different and it does not come under us.
  • We use beacons to access both side of the cookies that are related with our services and products.

Your Ability to modify and remove Your Account Preferences

  • You have the access to add or edit or delete any of your personal information's at any time required by you.
  • Different type of communications will be added in your page, the users can use and view the page any time required and also if they do not want this option they can also unsubscribe the same.
  • Certain communications that are displayed in your page will not and cannot be unsubscribed by you until your account becomes active with our website.
  • At your request your account will be deleted from our system, however, those deleted details will be always with us in our system archive.

Security and Confidentiality

  • We do not share all your personal details with all our employees, until and unless it is necessary that if that employee needs to contact you for giving our products and services, then we share your details in order to satisfy your request and serve you best all time.
  • We have adopted all type of safety measures to safe guard your personal information's with out getting leaked out to any other source.
  • It is password protected system.
  • In order to restrict from personal information getting transferred through data, we have also encrypted various methods to safe guard your personal details.

Changes in this Privacy Policy

  • If there are any changes in our privacy policy, we will surely intimate and inform you on your personal e-mail id that has been registered with us by you. So it is important that you will have to update your basic information's regularly to avoid any confusion.