Instructions how to play blackjack

One of the most interesting card games is called Blackjack. This game is also known as Twenty-one and has its particular rules. The main goal of Blackjack is to collect no more than 21 point. Depending on casino, blackjack is played in different variants.

Main rules of Blackjack

The number of people that are taking part in playing blackjack is restricted by rectangles ("boxes") drawn on the table where bets are made. Each gambler plays separately against casino. Player has such a possibility to bet on one or several boxes. The amount of bet shouldn't be more than established maximum.

Bets can vary from 5 to 100$, 25-500$ or 25-100$. Cards have particular number of points. Pictured cards are valued at 10 points, therefore they are called 10's. Aces have either 1 or 11 point according to the wish of gamer. All other cards have their nominal values. Ace and 10 is the most valued combination and is called Blackjack.

Gaming Process

At the beginning of the game players make their bets on the occupied boxes with the help of chips. Dealer passes one card to each player, takes one for himself and passes one more card to gamers again. After cards are dealt, croupier starts game with each player separately. Player's two cards is an initial combination which might be improved by taking more cards. Croupier's aim is the same. Besides the collection of right combination of cards, player has some additional possibilities.

If two initial cards are close to winning, player is able to double his bet. If two cards are of the same value, they can be divided into two hands. This possibility is called Split. In case if one dealer's card is ace, he will offer player to insure themselves from possible blackjack. In this case additional bet is made. If first two cars are seems to be losing, player can refuse to play game. This option is called surrender. Player loses half of his bet.