Video Poker Odds

Video poker is a popular casino game and yet it is not possible to calculate the odds of each of the machines. The industry does not follow a standard and thus each video machine is calibrated individually. It is entirely the casino's prerogative.

Make the Odds work for you

A popular summation from the video poker probability speculators is that each video poker machine is manipulated according to its position in the casino layout. A pretty non scientific way of choosing a machine could be that you opt for a machine in an area with heavy traffic as the chances of this particular machine giving good payouts are high.

It would make lot more sense to study the machines and observe their poker payout differences to make it work to your advantage. Online video poker is hugely popular and is also the most unpredictable of casino games.

The machine and the poker game that you choose can easily make or mar your odds at the game. When playing in brick and mortar casinos pay attention to the pay table. This could prove to be to your advantage.

Check out the paying odds

Since each machine is calibrated differently the payout odds are also different. The best payout is the 9/6 payout. Simply stated it means that the machine will pay out six to one for a flush and a nine to one for full house. These games are also called full pay games as with the perfect strategies you can easily erase the house edge.

Always check out the payout odds before you choose a machine to play online video poker. A machine offering 8/8 or 8/5 is not to your advantage. It is for the gullible player who does not know better and by choosing a machine with such payouts is practically digging a hole for him.

The right video machine

The casinos are known to move around their poker machines, so be sure to check out your machine before you blindly sit down on one thinking it to be your favorite machine. Similarly the casinos also recalibrate the video machines at whim. They are required to inform the players though, thus you can retain your advantage by choosing a video poker machine that has odds in your favor.