Slots Strategy

Slot machines, offline or online, are a game of chance as, they are random as a rule. Only a fool can claim that they have found a fool proof strategy that can help you win on the slot machines. But at the same time a blanket statement can't be made to state that "there can be no strategies to help you win at slot machines." Observation has defined that the seemingly random results can be analyzed to help you make a simple and quite effective strategy. This strategy works for both offline and online machines. The right moves can help make your slot machine stint profitable with handsome wins.

Some Tips on Strategy

This is an advanced strategy involving slot machines that I have come across. There are two factors that are concerned with the working of this strategy.

  • First and foremost this slot machine strategy works with machines that let you play "Equal Ratio" games only. The payment ratio should remain the same irrespective of the amount you bet. If you bet 3 quarters and get $3 then a single quarter bet should win you $1 and so on.
  • The second thing that is involved with this slot machine strategy is the calculation of standard deviation regarding the number of plays one plays between two wins. The player needs to play with minimum bet till the point they approach the standard deviation point between to winning plays. And then continues to play with minimum bet till the second standard deviation is reached.
  • The strategy for winning on slot machines requires the calculation of the standard deviation of plays between two winning plays. Let's suppose that the wins seem to be between 20-30 plays apart, here the standard deviation is around 25. So keeping this in mind a player can increase his current bet level when the slot machine has gone without a win for about 50 plays.

    This strategy works well with almost all gambling games. You can use this slot machine strategy to make substantial wins when playing other online gambling games like crap too. This is especially useful when the game can be played with minor augmentations of 25 cents. When using it for a game like crap you will need to calculate how many times the dice is rolled before it rolls a seven. This can help you decide if you want to bet for a "Come" or for a "Don't Come".