Blackjack Strategy

It is quiet normal to split cards when the player is dealt pairs or same -value cards in the game of blackjack. The cards are split and a wager is placed on the second card so that they can be played separately. This does not mean that every pair needs to be split as it may or may not be to your advantage to split cards. The decision is normally based on the dealer up-card. Irrespective of the dealer's cards it makes complete sense to split one's eights and aces. In fact splitting eights and aces has become akin to a golden rule for blackjack.

Why split your aces?

Aces should be split when playing blackjack or your chances of going bust will be high. When you decide not to split your aces you have to hit on the cards. In most cases the first draw is rarely sufficient to beat the dealer's hand and when you ask for the second hit, chances of going bust are high, and you waste your aces.

By splitting the aces the player maximizes their advantage as the probability of drawing tens on both are high. Aces are split in blackjack solely to increase ones chances of winning.

Why split your eights?

Splitting eights is essential to minimizes disadvantages. It is a defensive strategy when playing blackjack. The simple reason is that pair of 8s has a losing total of 16. it has been confirmed mathematically that the chances of winning when splitting the eights are higher than when not doing so. Chances of going bust are the highest when they are not split.

These basic blackjack strategies have been confirmed with probability studies. It is not just common sense to split aces for increasing advantages and eights to decrease the disadvantages. Splitting one's aces increases the chances of winning whereas splitting eights helps to decrease the chances of losing. splitting these pairs in blackjack proves to your advantage by either increasing your chances of winning or decreasing your chances of losing.