Baccarat Tips

A popular European casino game, when baccarat was introduced to America the casino owners tried to create the same exotic ambience to attract more players. Even today most casinos hold baccarat games in cordoned areas. The game has its exclusive pit boss and may even be played in the presence of armed guards.

This exotic feel naturally attracts the high rollers. Despite all of this baccarat is a simple game that requires little or no skill on part of the players. This makes it popular with people who want a night of fun without having to spend time learning the expertise and skill required in some casino games.

Basic tips:

Avoid placing a bet on what could be potential tie. In ties the pay off rate is usually 8to 1. It is an unfavorable bet for a wager since the house edge is as high as 14% and more. Each time the player happens to win a bet that is on the banker's side, the casino charges a commission, simply because it is favorable to place bets with the banker. To delays when the game is in progress the dealer pays out the money to the winning bets and considers an IOU of 5%. This is required to be paid when the player decides to quit the game. So it is essential to keep tabs on your losses and wins and the amount of commissions to be paid. If you are not careful you can land into an embarrassing situation if you don't have enough money to pay your commissions to the casino.

Usually each player is provided with a pencil and scorecard to keep a tab on each game that is played. A careful study can help you decrease the house edge ever so slightly. Some people try to use it to predict future draws, but that is impossible to do.

The one-three-two-six betting system:

This simple system ensures great returns to a modest investment. The odds can never be in the player's favor, they will always be to the casino's favor. Most strategies and tricks can do little to change the odds. All the same this particular strategy is a great favorite with punters as they can win a handsome amount even as they wager only two units. This is how you go about it.

Step one: place your fist bet with one unit. If you win-

Step two: put in one more unit, to wager three units.

Step three: again if you have won, you will have 6 units. Remove four and bet two units now.

Step four: if you win again add two units, so that your bet is now for six units.

Step five: if you win this time too, it will be a fabulous return of 10 to the two units that you have used.