Baccarat Odds

Baccarat does not involve any skill so most players would think that there are no strategies that can help them. The fact is that a few well tried and proved tips can help you enhance your chances of winnings and help to decrease the odds of the house.

Baccarat lovers use a few proven tricks to help them increase their odds to a more favorable position. The whole idea is to decrease the house edge and increase their winning chances.

Five Tips to Reduce the House Edge:

  1. Avoid betting on ties. When a player bets on a tie the house has a huge advantage of 14% or 15%.
  2. The best way to beat back the house edge is to place your bet on banker.
  3. Look for a Baccarat table that is using 6 decks instead of the usual 8. This helps to decrease the house edge ever so slightly, but then every bit makes a difference. The difference can be seen by comparing the eight deck shoe and the six deck shoe.
  4. Look for a casino that will charge you 4% commission on your winning bets. Many casinos charge a 5% commission. It may seem like a small difference but it can make a lot of difference in the long run.
  5. Try and combine multiple tips. If you come across a table that plays with 6 decks and charges only 4% on the winning bets, then get yourself a seat there and don't change.

Bet the Banker to Increase Your Odds in Baccarat

Besides the tips above you can increase your odds at winning in the game of Baccarat by betting the banker. The reason being that the house tends to pay equal money to both the winning hands incase the banker and the player win. In case you win then you will be required to pay the house commission, but in the long run you will be at advantage. This strategy works really well if you are playing at 4% commission.